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Hadi Hasanpour

Through collaboration, empower yourself and your companions


assisting scalable, creative start-ups in international markets and their quick growth


Angel Investors in the environment,renewable energy, technology, medical engineering and tourism


Transform your vision into reality and empower your business journey with strategic insights.

About me

Hadi Hasanpour delivers a distinct viewpoint to the consulting profession with an established career as an international, accomplished business analyst and entrepreneur. Hadi holds degrees in a variety of fields, including electrical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical
engineering. Official court expert engineering proficiencies provide outstanding analytic insights and are introduced and recommended as a well-informed business expert, holding a joint master of control and system and Doctoral Candidate, a certificate in engineering from Iran Engineering Organization, and also a certificate as a court expert from Iran.
Hadi is also an entrepreneur with fully staffed offices in both Isfahan and Tehran with over 40 employees. Hadi is well-known in the startup community and has worked with a large number of successful Canadian businesses. He is the co-founder of Forough Roshan, a company that undertakes activities linked to start-ups and business advocacy.
He is a specialist in numerous majors, allowing him to negotiate varied worldwide marketplaces with ease. He still feels that his successful path is not over and
that it is a lengthy one.

gratitude to my good friends and coworkers that were by my side during my journey


These are some of the businesses and organisations with which Hadi has worked. He tried to work on them frequently in order to obtain favourable outcomes.

Landa Holding

Feel The Future

A network of Angel
Investors that helps startups build a good team, business strategy, and worldwide value. Landa’s imaginative approach allows international investors to
fund the business’s growth.


Diaco Center

Premier Technology Intermediary

the intelligent platform Diaco Center connects technology
seekers and providers. This venture began operations to best meet technological
and industrial needs.


Forough Roshan

Acceleration, investment, consulting

Entrepreneurship Consulting and Services Centre invites start-ups, business activists, and interested partners

Landa academy

Landa Academy

Investing in teens: Building a brighter future

Landa Academy was designed to develop people, especially youth. We think investing in teens ensures a brighter future


Putting Knowledge into Experience

Farazaman Accelerator helps students transform their ideas into reality by offering financial resources, technological infrastructure and access to worldwide networks.


Landa Trip

Education and Trip beyond the borders with the best

Education as well as travel outside national boundaries with the highest quality


Vision Raft​

Education merge with entertainment

A virtual reality platform called Vision Raft is designed for the amusement and education of young people

Organisation Associates

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Thanks to my colleagues and good friends for their constant support and help during our our cooperation

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